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Industrial Encoder Corporation, as a member of the GESgroup (Global Encoder Solutions Group), has over 50 years experience in the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of precision optical and magnetic encoders. Encoders and encoder systems are our only product. Since we specialize in the manufacturing of high quality precision encoders, we offer the best solutions to your most demanding requirements. Industrial Encoder Corporation and the GESgroup are committed to the success of our partners through our product, technology and our people. We achieve this by maintaining a flexible manufacturing concept driven by people who know and understand your requirements.

The GESgroup offers its customers and clients a worldwide product support. It is the policy of the GESgroup to furnish our partners with finest quality product and support conceivable. We have achieved this by utilizing the latest technological innovations, manufacturing concepts and by maintaining a continuous product development program. We will continue to grow by remaining responsive to the market and to our customers.

Segmentation -"To operate in niche markets and deliver quality products."
Simplification -"To deliver quality products through simplicistic designs."
Standardization -"To offer Simplistic designs through standard components."

Incremental Encoder IS410
Body Diameter 41mm
Shaft Diameter 1/4" or 6mm
Cable or Connector
Signal A,B,0 and Complementary
Up to 10.000 Pulses per Revolution
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